Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Link-Up: Language Tools for Building Back to School

We have had a busy week with our blog launch AND our work days at school! We apologize for being MIA this entire week, but we hope you enjoyed seeing our new blog! Thank you to everyone that participated in our giveaways and to all the donors that graciously donated their wonderful products! 

Today, we are linking up with Hashtag TeacherMom (click here to visit her blog!) for classroom tips for back to school! Today's theme is Language Arts. We would typically show you real-life, in-action pictures, but since we are new to blogging we didn't even think to take pictures. We do want to share some ideas that we use in our classroom for the beginning of the year. Stay tuned for pictures! We start school with our kiddos this Wednesday! :) 

Here are some ideas that we use that first week of school. It's hard to start out with stations, since we are just getting to know how kids' needs, so we do a very general station rotation the first few days. Our school usually starts with students on a Wednesday, so this works well for us! (It can be adapted for your grade, length of time, amount of kids....etc.) Remember we teach 3rd graders! 

Language Arts Stations: 
  • Word Work: Students practice writing their classmates names using word work tools (magnet letters, special crayons....) 
  • Word Work: Students practice writing their address and phone number (this may seem 'young' for third graders - but you wouldn't believe how many of them do not know this info!) We typically write these out for them before-hand on note-cards. 
  • Writing Practice: Write about their first day or write about their school 
  • Grammar Practice: One of the easiest things to review (or introduce!) is nouns. Typically, they know this before coming to us, but it's a great time to take them around the school to search for nouns. They can then sort them into different categories (person,place or thing) or choose three to write about. 

We are currently doing a giveaway of our Back To School Literacy Centers (click here to see the product in our store!) This product includes almost all of the ideas included above AND you can even edit the roster list for students to practice writing their classmates names. 

Enter our rafflecopter below to win your own copy of our literacy centers! Even though we teach 3rd grade, this product can be used for different grades! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thank you for stopping by! We hope our ideas are helpful to you in the coming weeks! We'd love to hear from you as well! 

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  1. Your stations sound like a great way to get to know your students and do a little formative assessment the first week, besides doing actual language practice. :-) Good luck with your blog!

    -- Susan
    The ESL Connection