Friday, January 1, 2016

Five for Friday - Happy New Year!

Woohoo! Happy New Year!! 

We are so thankful to have come across Kayse's YouTube videos about TPT. We were reading through the TPT Forum (Yup! Remember when we mentioned that the forum is important?!) and saw a post by Kayse about her videos. Check out her video about starting out on TPT below - We literally couldn't stop watching her videos! They are SO helpful! Thank you Kayse!!! Please continue making those videos! We are SO grateful! 
Check Kayse out on TPT and her blog
Okay....hate to be cliche here (since it's the new year), but I've been researching different work out plans that would work best for me...and my bank account. I came across this plan for relatively cheap on Amazon. I know "you get what you pay for", but the reviews were pretty good. Also, I can complete these work outs at a mom to a toddler I need something I can do at home! Anyone else try this set? 
All the beach body DVDs are amazing...I know...but are SO expensive. I would love to hear from anyone else that tried this! 
Check out their website here

So...I'm going to be totally lame here and admit that I have been obsessed with listening to *NSYNC Radio on Pandora over break! Please tell me I am NOT the only one going back to my pre-teen years by listening to *NSYNC almost daily (haha!). I am holding out on my dream of there being a reunion tour -- ahhhh! At least they have been helping me through planning, TPTing (is that a word?!), and blogging! :) 

I have thoroughly enjoyed is it honestly almost over?! 
I was just looking at my calendar today...searching for our next break! 

New Year's Resolutions....
Here are a few I am revisiting this year: 
1) Choose joy and peace over unhappiness and anxiety 
- this seems like a no brainer, but is a lot easier said than done! 

2) Stay more organized! 
- ahh....again...much easier said than done! I don't even know where to begin with this resolution. At least I have a year to get it together...right? :) 

3) Be a healthier me
- I tried to word that so it wasn't so cliche. I am trying clean eating again. I just feel much better when I eat clean! 

Anyone have a resolution they would like to share? We'd love to hear them! 

We hope everyone has a wonderful start to 2016! God bless!