Monday, August 10, 2015

Hi everyone! Welcome to our new blog! We are so excited to start this blogging journey! Our names are Samantha and Jenna, and we are starting our fifth year teaching at the same school in Southwest Virginia. To start off our blog, we are giving away a ton of free items that have been donated by some awesome teachers! You will find the Rafflecopters to enter to win these items below. There are a few different categories, so make sure that you enter all that apply to you! The giveaway will run from today, August 10, and end on August 17.

Enter here for prizes that are for ALL grades!

Enter here for preschool and kindergarten items!

Enter here for kindergarten-2nd grade items!

Enter here for 1st-2nd grade items!

Enter here for 2nd-3rd grade items!



  1. Your blog looks fabulous! I love the gold. Mine was finished today, too. I think we have the same designer. :)

    1. Thanks, Lauren!! Lindsey did a great job of taking a few ideas and making it into exactly what we wanted!! Glitter HAD to be involved! :)