Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Break Week - & how we're makin' it!

We just wanted to write a quick post about how we decided to make it through this upcoming week: 

1) Normal Scheduling
We decided to keep things as normal as possible leading up to the impending holiday break. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we are still at the mercy of our pacing guide, so we still have to continue following it....benchmark testing starts after break! 
We know this maybe hard, but we've decided to try to keep our daily routine as close to our normal routine as possible....kiddos like that sort of thing! :) 

2) Lots and Lots of Math and LA stations
We don't know about your students, but ours LOVE stations. We teach third grade, so they really like being independent! They also like coming to us as one of the stations. Luckily, there are a TON of stations (and FREEBIES) on TPT for this time of year. We are currently in the middle of our huge multiplication/division unit, so we created a FREEBIE just for our guided math groups!

Click *HERE* to download your FREE copy!

We are using this in our guided math this week! It walks the students right through each step of solving word problems!

3) Fun and Patience
We always say we are just as excited as our kiddos are for breaks....but try to remember that they really are SO excited! Behavior will 100% be 'off' this week, and as much as you want to STAY on schedule (as previously mentioned...) it's okay if things are picture perfect!
We are doing a Polar Express day on Thursday as a grade level activity. The students will enjoy Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, Hot Chocolate, PJs, stuffed animals, and of course the classic movie! Try doing a thematic unit this week to keep your sanity/organization. It also helps students stay more focused on what they're doing if it's something they've been working on all week.

Good luck! Please share any activities or tips to get through the week before Christmas! Have a blessed week!

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